DJ toolbox for matlab

Maxim Vedenev,,

It will be toolbox for matlab for musicians that want to work directly with sound.
General concepts of matlab toolboxes is:

Here is example of music generation in matlab:

See code in
Unzip and run loop.m, you must hear simple loop music. See function drum.m hithat.m clap.m,
they generate sounds of kick hithat and clap.

See also string vibration simulation:

Here is waveform generator:

See wikipedia about waveform
It define form of one period of signal. It is possible to move points with mouse.
Nearest, linear, spline interpolations method are used. It is possible to make continius signal.
Sound can be played or saved to wav file. Window is resizable.
See code in Run waveform_generator.m
It was made in Matlab2008a.


I need investor for this works, if you want work with me than contact me via email
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